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Interactive Whiteboard / Smart Board

What is an Interactive Whiteboard / Smart board ?
An Interactive Whiteboard is a multi touch, large wall mounted Whiteboards using Multimedia Projector to display from Computer to be displayed onto an Interactive Whiteboard combined with IR touch sensor technology, encourages multiple users to engage in a collaborative experience using a touch feature to write, draw, annotate over files and more for interactive teaching, learning and presentations suitable for Class rooms, training halls, meeting rooms, and conference rooms.

What users can do? / How Interactive Whiteboards / Smart boards are used?

Use fingers or stylus pen on screen to write, annotate, erase over files
Touch the Smart board screen to scroll through, presentations, videos, documents, pictures or websites
Make notes, draw shapes, move, scale, or rotate the images with a finger touch
Save notes, graphs, text, and audio files to print, or share them
Switch from writing to navigate applications and back
Create video files to teach an application or a recorded lecture to be posted
Record video as instructions files and post the content for review
Control the computer in the classroom/ meeting room from the display
Conduct quiz and capture screen shot on the display

Key Features

Infrared / Optical touch Technology
Interactive whiteboard / Smartboard comes in multiple sizes 75”, 82”, 88”, 92”, 102” and 105”
Multi touch capacity / multiple users can use at once
Finger touch / Pen touch / Stylus touch

Softwares included

Annotation Software for whiteboard
Interactive Activity Software for Custom activity for classrooms
Screen Recording Software for lecture recording with audio
Android application Software for Android applications
Educational software
Other thousands of interactive activities

Benefits of interactive whiteboards / smartboards.

Increased engagement between presenter and participants
Increased participation
Increased Collaboration
Makes reviews or revise activity
Integrate presentations and multimedia content such as images and videos
Easy delivering of ideas
Saves time and cost
Helps in online learning and distance learning

For more information please call or Email : info@clicktech.com.pk

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