86 Inches Whiteboard

  • 86 Inch
  • IR Technology 20 Points Touch Multi-user Writing
  • Write by Finger/Pen
  • Smooth writing
  • Magnetic adsorption
  • Easy to write & erase
  • With a USB power plug, well compatible with all projectors and computers.


Interactive Smart Touch Boards in Pakistan – 86 Inches Whiteboard:

Designed to redefine presentations and learning experiences, this expansive whiteboard offers a canvas for creativity and collaboration like never before. Featuring advanced precision touch technology, the board ensures a seamless and accurate interactive experience, responding effortlessly to your gestures and commands. With versatile connectivity options, multi-user collaboration capabilities, and intuitive software integration, our Smart Touch Board transforms traditional presentations and learning sessions into dynamic, engaging experiences. Whether in a boardroom setting or a classroom environment, ClickTech’s 86-Inch Interactive Smart Touch Board is your gateway to a new era of interactive communication and learning. Elevate your presentations, captivate your audience, and revolutionize the way you collaborate with the power of interactive technology, exclusively at ClickTech in Pakistan.