Cisco Ip Phone 7942G

  • 2 line keys
  • 2-way navigation support
  • Graphical display with high resolution 320 x 222 pixel-based
  • Four soft keys
  • Multi-position foot stand
  • Protocol support: (SCCP), (SIP) and (TFTP)
  • Power port for PWR-CUBE-3
  • Ethernet Switch


VoIP Conference Phones in Pakistan – Cisco IP Phone 7942G:

Upgrade your communication experience with the Cisco 7942G IP Phone, a cutting-edge VoIP conference phone designed to meet the dynamic needs of businesses in Pakistan. This feature-packed device seamlessly integrates into your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) infrastructure, offering a reliable and efficient communication solution. The Cisco 7942G IP Phone comes equipped with two line keys, allowing users to efficiently manage multiple calls and streamline communication processes. The Cisco 7942G IP Phone supports multiple protocols, including Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP). This ensures compatibility with various VoIP systems, enhancing its versatility.



  • 5-inch (12.5 cm), high-resolution (320 x 222), graphical monochrome 4-bit grayscale display.
  • Allows for greater flexibility of features and applications, and significantly expands the information viewed when using features such as Services, Information, Messages, and Directory. The display also supports localization requiring double-byte Unicode encoding for Fonts.

Wideband Audio

Support for wideband (G.722 codec, adherence to TIA 920), including handset, headset, and speakerphone (see Q&A for details).

Codec Support

G.711a, G.711µ, G.729a, G.729ab, G.722, and iLBC audio compression codecs are supported (see Q&A for details).


Full-duplex speakerphone with acoustic echo cancellation.

Dimensions (H x W x D)

8.2 x 10.5 x 6 in. (20.32 x 26.67 x 15.24 cm)a phone closet.