Jabra Speak 410

  • Crystal-clear sound for efficient meetings
  • 360-degree voice pick-up
  • UC certified
  • Plug-and-play connectivity
  • In-room coverage for up to 4 people


USB Conferencing Speakerphone in Pakistan – Jabra Speak 410:

The Jabra Speak 410 is an easy-to-use personal conference call speakerphone with simple USB connectivity for efficient UC meetings, whenever and wherever you need them.  the Speak 410 comes with a durable neoprene pouch, ensuring it remains protected and scratch-free during your travels. Crystal-clear sound for efficient meetings. Ensure everyone is heard with the omnidirectional microphone. In-room coverage for up to 4 people. Connect the Jabra Speak 410 USB cable to any available USB port on a PC or power-supplied hub. The Jabra LED will light up white to indicate the speakerphone is connected and powered on. With the Jabra Speak 410, you can elevate your meetings to new heights of efficiency and productivity, no matter where your journey takes you.


Built-in omnidirectional microphone

360-degree coverage enabling hands-free collaboration

Digital signal processing (DSP ) technology

Crystal clear sound without echoes or distorted sounds

Wideband audio/HD Voice

High-quality audio for the best possible sound

USB cable

Plug-and-play connectivity to PC softphone/UC systems
LED indicators Intuitive user interface
Jabra Direct Configure Jabra Speak 410 via Jabra Direct