Logitech Sight

  • An equitable companion for Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini
  • See and hear clearly into larger rooms
  • Track conversations naturally
  • 315° video capture
  • Directional mic pickup


Video Conferencing Cameras in Pakistan – Logitech Sight:

Logitech Sight is a tabletop companion camera that works in tandem with Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to provide a front-and-center view of meeting participants around the table. With seamless integration with all major video conferencing platforms, Sight enhances your hybrid meeting experience by capturing audio and video deeper into the room, making remote attendees feel more included and engaged. Whether you’re hosting a large-scale conference or a small team meeting, Sight ensures that every participant can contribute and be heard with equal clarity. With Sight, you can take your hybrid meetings to the next level and create a more engaging and effective meeting experience for all attendees.


Built-in Components

7 beamforming microphones, dual lens camera, Logitech CollabOS platform
Camera Sensor Resolution: 4K

Zoom: X1

Diagonal Field of View: 180°

Horizontal Field of View: 180°

Vertical Field of View: 97°

Focal Length: 1.87 mm

Depth of Field: 50 cm to infinite

Frame Rate (max): 60

Microphone Specifications

Beamforming elements: 7 omnidirectional digital MEMS microphones forming six adaptive acoustic endfire beams

Pickup range: 7.5 ft or 2.3 m radius

Microphone type: Digital MEMS microphones with 72 dB SNR and 130 dB AOP, dirt and water resistant to IP57 spec

Frequency response: 90 Hz – 16 kHz

Sensitivity: >-36 dBFS +/-1 dB @ 1 Pa

USB Mode

Windows 10, Windows® 11 or later, macOS (two most recent versions)