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Newline X Interactive Flat Panel Touchscreen LED

Involvement conferences on an interactive display that lets for the whole team to interact without restrictions by sharing not only voice and video but also data and explanation. Available Size: 55” 65” 70” 75” and 86”


Newline X Interactive Flat Panel / Smart Touch Screen LED

Ideal for interactive teaching, learning and presentations suitable for Classrooms, Training Halls, Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms and Conference Rooms

Android based fully multi touch led display combined with touch screen technology and 4K/ UHD Display.

Key features

  • Built in Android OPS
  • Instant Plug and Play
  • Available sizes of Interactive flat panels 55”, 65”, 75”, 86, and 98”
  • Driver Free Multi touch, 10 to 20 Touch Points
  • 4K UHD Display resolution
  • 30000 to 50000 Hours Lifetime
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC, and Chrome OS
  • HDMI, VGA, USB, RJ45 Multiport Connectivity
  • Built in Powerful Speakers
  • Tempered anti-reflective glass


  • Annotation software
  • white board software
  • office suite
  • Video Conferencing software
  • Wireless display Software
  • other interactive android and
  • Windows software’s

For more Information Call us or email: info@clicktech.com.pk

See Full Description and Specification of this product from here. or download datasheet as PDF.


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